Business Due Diligence

Buying or selling a business, is a very important step on either side of the transaction.  In our firm, we can help you on both sides. 


  • Organize the documentation

  • Determine what is your owner benefit prior to setting up the selling price

  • Look at the business tax Structure to determine the lax liability of the sale

  • Help you with the process of providing the documentation to the potential buyer.

When Buying or selling a business you need a  CPA that can help you with the process of the Due Diligence.


  • Develop a request list tailored to the business

  • Analyze the documents, not just the tax returns and forms filed, but also bank statements, customer and vendor based, fixed asset documentation, employee and contractors.

  • Determine the owner benefit from another perspective, to ensure the you think you will receive on a yearly basis is supported by the operations of the business.

For the buyers, we set up a clear plan, by determining the risk of the business. Our goal is to determine the owner's benefit and identify as many of the risk of the business as possible so we eliminate surprises once you purchase the business.

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